Greek, Etruscan and archeological jewels were my first models.  I became passionate about the work of the ancients guided by divine hands.  I wanted to be part of the tradition of artists who fashioned this microscopic goldwork of infinite detail.  Romantic vision and learning from the past converge with technique to form my own personal creative style.

Lush, rich gold and vibrant precious stones are my raw materials.  Making a piece demands special skills, designing, working gold, selecting stones, polishing and finishing.  I work on an intimate scale with great attention to detail. 

I steadfastly believe in what I am creating and am not swayed by trends and shifts in taste.  I hope to reestablish the high craft tradition of the ancients and make a modern contribution to the art of goldsmithing.

Photographs by Ralph Gabriner, Ed Addeo and Bob Hanson

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